Resolve Password Incorrect Issue: QuickBooks Technical Support

QuickBooks Technical Support 1-888-238-7409 is a toll-free number, where the users can solve their technical glitches. QuickBooks Desktop allows its users to send forms, reports, invoice, and other activities. We have come across, with multiple technical errors that are faced by the people. There common issues that are faced by the people while working on the software. These errors, bugs, and issues are generated through our own mistakes.

Recently we have come up with the issue where people complain regarding an error message that says Password is incorrect. Now, if you are facing such issue while logging to your account, then you have reached the right page. Have a look at the solution.

Solution for QuickBooks Not Accepting Mail Password Issue: QuickBooks Desktop Support Phone Number

The steps that are provided in this blog can be performed by Gmail or Yahoo email service.

Users of Gmail

The user might face this issue when you are blocked while trying to open the Gmail account. Here you have to provide access to less secure apps and disable 2-step verification. This will help in getting appropriate permission for sending emails to QuickBooks

  • Remember your admin can lock access for less secure apps in the account
  • Move into your Google account and navigate to your account page to turn off 2-step verification
  • Permit the new device or application access

For Yahoo Users

2 step verification is introduced to improve the security of the mail. While verifying your account it generates a random password, which is sent to the registered phone number. You are supposed to enter the password whenever you send the emails. You are even required to provide access to the less secure apps.

  • Move to the Yahoo Account Security page and go to Two-verification
  • Now, allow those apps who are using less secure sign-in section and Turn on both the features
  • Follow the steps that are provided under Generate third-party app passwords for generating a one-time password (OTP)
  • Now select the App and give it a name
  • Try to resend the email using QuickBooks
  • Enter the One-time Password and then click on Ok


The solutions that are provided by us, hopefully, helped you in getting a solution. Feel free to reach us by dialing QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1-888-238-7409. Your call will be answered by the experts.

Use GoPayment with QuickBooks POS: QuickBooks Support Phone Number

The GoPayment feature helps its users to take debit card and get a credit card from your mobile device. QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number at 1-888-238-7409 help their users in understanding the process of the following feature. The user can plug this device for easy payment processing. The GoPayment readers are actually an EVM compliant. Hence you can take charge with self-belief with both a chip card and non-chip card. Here in this blog, we will discuss how to use GoPayment with QuickBooks POS.

Understanding GoPayment

The Point of Sale GoPayment allows its users to track the real-time of stock and mobile income. Below I have mentioned certain points that you are supposed to know for using this tool.

  • QuickBooks POS Mobile Sync feature gives you the liberty to ring up credit score-card sales anywhere near your store
  • GoPayment allows you to choose all types of payment inclusive of coins, key, or swipe card
  • QuickBooks payment includes an unwanted GoPayment account
  • Swipe charge fits the low QuickBooks Payment Fee
  • Users of iPhone and Android devices can use the tool
  • All sales and listing information is synchronized with your POS software
  • New payments are entered in the form of QuickBooks POS sales receipts

Steps to Use GoPayments: QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number

Step 1: Set up Mobile Sync at QuickBooks POS

  • Sign in to your payment account
  • Select file >> Preferences >> Company preferences
  • Now, turn on mobile sync
  • Now select Mobile sync
    • Click on the cloud icon on the top right-corner of POS software
    • Transfer more items

Step 2: Set up Inventory to Sync

  • From the item or product list, select the item that you want to sell
  • Now, click on Edit
  • With more information widget
  • Click on the check-box of Sync to Mobile
  • Now, click on save button

Step 3: Sync Departments to Your Mobile Device

  • In POS, click on Inventory
  • Department list
  • Click on Department tab from the department column
  • Rename the name of the department if required
  • Complete mobile sync

Step 4: Complete the Sync process in GoPayment

  • From your mobile device, click on GoPayment App
  • Launch the GoPayment app and register your QuickBooks Payment account
  • Open the menu and select the settings
  • Under sync settings, click on Sync Items

Hopefully, by following these 4 steps, you are able to use GoPayment. In case you face any problem feel free to call QuickBooks Support Phone Number at 1-888-238-7409.

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